Cleaning Services FAQ's

Here are our most frequently asked questions about our cleaning company

Yes. We currently clean facilities that are in excess of 100,000 sq. ft. so we are capable of handling large size facilities, and will always hire and train additional staff to assure your facility gets the care and attention it deserves.

2 How can you assure my building gets cleaned each night?

In order to assure that we are aware of any account that does not get cleaned as scheduled, we have invested in a computerized time-tracking system. Each account is set-up according to it's specific cleaning schedule and if the cleaner has not called and clocked in from the specified telephone an alert alarm is sent to the owners and they immediately send a supervisor over to make sure the account is cleaned.

3 Do you belong to any Professional Organizations?

Yes. We are current members of the Building Service Contractors Association International and the Cleaning Management Institute. We maintain membership in these professional organizations because we believe that it is important to be aware of concerns, solutions, trends and new cleaning chemicals and equipment that pertain to the cleaning industry. Additionally, we recognize the importance and value in having "experts" we can consult, and these organizations provide us with this asset.

4 Do you provide formal training for your staff?

Yes. Our employees are very important to us and we recognize that keeping up with changing trends in the industry is crucial. Our employees receive an extensive initial training session when they are hired that outlines how to clean, what chemicals are used for what task, safety issues, and basic equipment usage. In addition, our floor care staff is sent to training seminars so that their knowledge of procedures, equipment and chemicals is always current. We are also an OSHA certified cleaning company, to ensure adequate safety precautions are being met at our various job sites.

5 Do you provide hard floor care and carpet care?

Yes. Our floor care staff has over 20 years experience and they constantly receive updated training. Currently we provide stripping, scrubbing, waxing, and burnishing of hard floors and both bonnet and extraction cleaning of carpets.

6 Does my brand new VCT floor need any special care?

Yes. It is recommended that new VCT flooring be stripped of the factory seal and then properly sealed and waxed. This process will assure that your floor is better preserved and will provide you with a shinier looking floor.