Should I Outsource Or Subcontract My Cleaning Services?

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Commercial Cleaning Needs:

1. It allows you to focus on what’s critical to your business

Professionals are trained and experienced in the most effective cleaning methods and products – and your people are trained and have experience in another field. It just makes sense to delegate services unrelated to your core business to people who specialize in them and can offer skills and efficiencies.


2. It can save you money

Retaining a cleaning crew of your own means you’re investing in salaries, incentives like 401(k)s and bonuses, paid vacations, equipment costs, insurance costs, benefits programs and more. When you outsource cleaning and maintenance to Ultimate Cleaning Solution’s, the responsibility for all these things is on us, saving you significant capital. As an example, the school district recently granted a cleaning and maintenance contract to an outside firm and, as a result, saved more than $2.5 million a year!


3. You get the benefits of in-depth expertise

Innovative new equipment. The most effective cleaning products. Green cleaning programs. Cutting-edge methods and certified training. Ultimate Cleaning invests heavily in keeping up-to-date in the best methods for continuous improvement – because our business depends on it. Your organization likely cannot dedicate the budget needed to ensure that your people are able to stay on top of rapidly changing methods and resources.


4. You get only what you need

Your cleaning personnel requirements change depending on fluctuating business demands. When you outsource your cleaning and maintenance, you don’t have to deal with hiring or laying off workers to fit your needs. We provide the right number of professionals every time!

It just makes sense to outsource, and if it’s something you’re considering, you can’t go wrong with Ultimate Cleaning Solution – we’ve been “doing whatever it takes, every day for 30+ years.” Call us today to evaluate your needs and provide a quote for any of our wide range of commercial cleaning and maintenance services.

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