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There are many types of flooring for both domestic and commercial locations, but it is fair to say that in the case of commercial locations - the type of floor will, more often than not, be chosen on the basis of suitability for the type of location and the ease of maintenance it offers - how easy it is to maintain and keep clean. The term 'commercial' is a bit ambiguous as it can range from a quiet office to an industrial factory, but for the purposes of this piece we will be considering the factors that can affect the floor of a medium sized office - and when and why a professional service will be required.

The risks that exist to your floor in a commercial setting are usually not so different to the risks in a domestic setting, but you should probably factor in a number of differences which make it far more likely that you will require a professional service there than at the home.

One of the main factors would be an increase in traffic. Generally speaking - in a commercial environment there will be more people moving around than in the home. People come and go from offices various times during the day (work hours plus lunch-breaks) and there will also be visitors, deliveries etc. Given that one of the main difficulties in keeping a floor clean results from surface scratching and abrasions, this be more of a problem in a commercial location. Surface scratching allows a place for bacteria and grime to build-up over time and stain the floor, a stain which may prove difficult to shift using traditional cleaning.

The second factor is also related to scratching and involves furniture. Offices are full of desks, chairs and machines, which get moved around during office reshuffles etc. These objects also cause scratching and this can damage sealants if people are not careful which leads to the last factor.

Office employees will, in general, not look after an office floor as they might their own home. This could take the form of not taking care when moving furniture or heavy objects (dragging instead of lifting), not wiping their shoes when they enter the office, thereby introducing dirt and grit into the environment and also not cleaning up spillages immediately or leaving stains instead of dealing with them. These stains will build up over time and as any commercial floor cleaning specialist will tell you - creates long term issue.

You will need to call in a professional commercial floor cleaning company ( ) when the floor becomes marked or stained, and the stain cannot be shifted by regular cleaning. The floor may become damaged, uneven, dulled or simply dirty over time. A professional company should be consulted to apply a deep clean using modern technology and techniques as well as the possibility of applying a good quality commercial sealant.

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