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Ultimate Cleaning Solution of Gainesville, FL provides the following services to a variety of professionals, including corporate business offices, industrial locations, medical offices, post-construction sites, restaurants, schools, universities and any location that is in need of a professional and reputable cleaning service company in Gainesville, FL and surrounding areas.

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Commercial Building Cleaning

Professional commercial cleaning services in Gainesville FL & commercial building cleaning from one of the highest-quality commercial office cleaning services in GAINESVILLE, FL.

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Restaurant Cleaning

Restaurant cleaning services for the budget conscious eatery – set up a custom routine restaurant cleaning schedule for your restaurant cleaning needs.

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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning services in Gainesville, Fl: We’re inexpensive and experienced, providing everything you need from an industrial cleaning service.

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Medical Office Cleaning

Office cleaning Gainesville, Fl and its many industries, our staff is specially trained for medical office cleaning. Call for a free estimate.

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Post Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleaning services and commercial building cleaning from a professional commercial cleaning company for a reasonable cost; free quote.

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Office Building Cleaning

Office cleaning & office building cleaning from trained office cleaners – let us provide the clean office you and your employees deserve at a low cost. We're also #1 for office cleaning jobs in Gainesville FL

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Professional Cleaning Services in Gainesville Fl

Building Cleaning Services

Building maintenance at a low cost to you - Let our building maintenance personnel clean your office or office building for you and your employees.

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Janitorial Cleaning Services

Commercial Janitorial Services in Gainesville fL & office cleaning at economical prices - Get a free estimate for our first class janitor services in your office or office building.

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Floor Cleaning Services

Professional commercial floor cleaning from GAINESVILLE, FL’s best commercial office cleaning company – get a free quote for our professional floor cleaning services today.

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Commercial Cleaning Services Gainesville FL

Table is for cleaning estimates only. Please submit cleaning quote form for your detailed cleaning price.

Square Footage Crew Size General Cleaning General + Detail Cleaning General + Detail Cleaning + Window Cleaning
800' 2 $80 $160 $240
1200' 2 $140 $280 $560
1600' 2 $200 $400 $600
2000' 3 $260 $520 $790
2000' 3 $320 $640 $1280
2400' 3 $280 $360 $640
10,000' 5-10 $1380 $2760 $5520

Standard service virtually cleaning all exterior surfaces


Cleaning that includes exterior surface cleaning & interior cleaning


Interior & Exterior first floor windows

Floor Waxing Services

Floor waxing services & floor care for less; Save with Ultimate Cleaning Solution’s floor waxing and have more money to make your business run.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning services for less; Save with Ultimate Cleaning Solution’s carpet cleaning and have more money to make your business run.

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Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning GAINESVILLE, FL: Ultimate Cleaning Solution has some of the best and most affordable window cleaning Gainesville, Fl has to offer.

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About Ultimate Cleaning Solution

Ultimate Cleaning Solution is a full service Maintenance and Janitorial Service Company. Ultimate Cleaning Solution has an excellent reputation for being honest, reliable and dependable and providing a quality cleaning service.

The goal of Ultimate Cleaning Solution is to provide our clients with a professional, complete and cost-effective service. The staff of Ultimate Cleaning Solution brings a combined cleaning experience of over 50 years, affording us the knowledge and skill needed to assure that our clients receive the quality and complete service they are seeking. With the use of high level quality control, management inspections and walk-thrus, hands-on extensive training and computerized time-tracking, Ultimate Cleaning Solution is able to obtain this goal. All employees have undergone an extensive training program, are closely monitored and evaluated, are respected and appreciate and are compensated at a level that helps ensure their longevity. Our employees are our greatest asset, and are treated as such.

As a fully licensed, bonded and insured company, Ultimate Cleaning Solution is capable of providing an array of services, including Production/Commercial Janitorial Cleaning, Hard Floor Care including stripping and waxing, Carpet Cleaning, Window Services, New Construction Interior Cleaning and Vacant/Move In/Out Cleaning.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does your company have the ability to handle large accounts?
    Yes-we currently clean facilities that are in excess of 100,000 sq. ft. so we are capable of handling large size facilities, and will always hire and train additional staff to assure your facility gets the care and attention it deserves.
  • How can you assure my building gets cleaned each night?
    In order to assure that we are aware of any account that does not get cleaned as scheduled, we have invested in a computerized time-tracking system. Each account is set-up according to it's specific cleaning schedule and if the cleaner has not called and clocked in from the specified telephone an alert alarm is sent to the owners and they immediately send a supervisor over to make sure the account is cleaned.
  • Do you belong to any Professional Organizations?
    Yes-we are current members of the Building Service Contractors Association International and the Cleaning Management Institute. We maintain membership in these professional organizations because we believe that it is important to be aware of concerns, solutions, trends and new cleaning chemicals and equipment that pertain to the cleaning industry. Additionally, we recognize the importance and value in having "experts" we can consult, and these organizations provide us with this asset.
  • Do you provide formal training for your staff?
    Yes--our employees are very important to us and we recognize that keeping up with changing trends in the industry is crucial. Our employees receive an extensive initial training session when they are hired that outlines how to clean, what chemicals are used for what task, safety issues, and basic equipment usage. In addition, our floor care staff is sent to training seminars so that their knowledge of procedures, equipment and chemicals is always current.
  • Do you provide hard floor care and carpet care?
    Yes--our floor care staff has over 20 years experience and they constantly receive updated training. Currently we provide stripping, scrubbing, waxing, and burnishing of hard floors and both bonnet and extraction cleaning of carpets.
  • Does my brand new VCT floor need any special care?
    Yes--it is recommended that new VCT flooring be stripped of the factory seal and then properly sealed and waxed. This process will assure that your floor is better preserved and will provide you with a shinier looking floor.


Who Are We?
Ultimate Cleaning Solution is a full service building Maintenance Company, which has been serving the community since 1985, and is owned by David & Sadie Holmes. The combined cleaning experience of this management team is in excess of 60 years. As a fully licensed, bonded, and insured company, Ultimate Cleaning Solution is capable of providing an array of services, including Production Janitorial Cleaning, Hard Floor Care (VCT, ceramic tile, grout cleaning, hardwood floors, brick, and concrete), Carpet Care (extraction and bonnet), Window Services, Construction Clean and Vacant/Move-out Clean.

How We Do What We Do?
In an industry such as ours, we fully understand how important service is to our clients, and we strive to provide a service that cannot be matched by others, as well as one that makes our client feel as if they are our only clients. The combined experience of our management staff affords us the knowledge, skill and experience to do just that. Our management staff not only manages our business, but they actually perform some of the cleaning services, giving us a hands-on management style that puts experience and know-how in the field every night. By placing our supervisors in buildings we are better able to identify and address the concerns of our clients, and can assure that they are receiving the quality service they expect. We take great pride in responding quickly to any concerns that our clients have, and are able to do so by offering 24-hour service. We have a fully trained "floater" crew that is charged with filling in for any absent employees, as well as starting new accounts. This crew provides us with the staffing to assure that every building is cleaned on a nightly basis.

Our Quality Control System
It is our goal to carefully coordinate any and all activities with our client so as to minimize business disruption. Our business manager makes monthly courtesy calls to each account representative in order to discuss the current service and to address/correct any issue that may be of concern. As a final means of assuring that service expectations are being meet, a member of management conducts weekly account inspections, at which time a complete building walk through. When requested, this walk through is done with the account representative.

As an added measure of quality service and reliability, Ultimate Cleaning Solution Inc. has implemented a computerized time-tracking system. This system allows our management to make sure your facility is cleaned nightly as scheduled as it provides a call to our supervisors if an employee has not clocked in with 15 minutes of their scheduled time. Additionally, it generates daily time logs, which affords us the opportunity to monitor the actual amount of time our employees spend cleaning your building, enabling us to guarantee you are getting the service you expect and are paying for.

In order to assure quality employees and service, we have implemented a training program that allows us to provide skilled employees and quality cleaning, as well as decreased turnover. Prior to beginning work with Ultimate Cleaning Solution, each of our employees is required to receive safety training, "right-to-know" OSHA training, and one-on-one cleaning instruction based on the Butcher's Building Block Training System. This training is provided in our office and is administered by trained management staff only. It is our finding that employees who are properly trained and who know what is expected of them, remain on the job longer. Knowing that our most important asset is our employees, we as a company pay highly competitive wages and promote within. These measures result in our ability to have experienced employees cleaning our accounts, who know and understand what their jobs are, and how important they are to our company, which means they are willing to do whatever it takes to retain the accounts.

Insurance & Bonding
As mentioned before, our company is a fully licensed, insured, and bonded company. All of our policies are maintained by Acordia Mountain West, Inc., which allows us easy and quick access to all of the information needed. We maintain Workers Compensation Insurance as dictated by state statute, Commercial/Comprehensive General Liability Insurance, Automobile Insurance and Full Employee Bonding. This information will be provided once a contract for our services has been awarded, or upon request if needed prior to contract awarding.

As a company, we fully understand the importance of knowing who is in your facility at all times. In our acknowledgement of this concern, we require all of our employees to wear company issued shirts that display our company name. If requested, we can issue Company Employee Badges that provide our logo, a picture of the employee, and the employee name. As a final measure of security, we will provide you with a monthly updated list of Ultimate Cleaning Solution employees that have authorization to be in your facility so that you have an idea of who and how many employees we will be sending to work. Our goal is to provide your company with the secure knowledge that only authorized employees from Ultimate Cleaning Solution, are in your facility.